iKanji 2.0.1

Get a little help when learning Japanese kanji


  • Nice interface design
  • More than 2,000 kanji and 16,000 compounds
  • Kanji organized by JLPT levels and school grades
  • Test for kanji meanings, readings and stroke order


  • You must get used to not having romaji

Very good

iKanji is an iPhone app that can lend a hand in the tough task of learning the dreaded Japanese kanji.

Kanji is a Japanese alphabet that all students must memorize in order to become fluent in the language. There are thousands of kanji, but luckily you need to learn 'only' about 2,000 of them in order to read Japanese newspapers and books. And here’s where iKanji comes in handy.

iKanji contains more than 2,000 kanji and over 16,000 kanji compounds which help you study, memorize and revise kanji at any time, while commuting to work or waiting for the doctor. iKanji features a simple, easy-to-use interface with menus to access different sets of kanji.

The kanji in iKanji are organized according to difficulty, based on JLPT levels (Japanese Language Proficiency Tests) and also on school grades. iKanji also lets you create custom sets to practice specific characters, and take tests that challenge you to find the kanji’s meaning, pronunciation, compound and stroke order.

iKanji is obviously an app for serious students of Japanese who already have some knowledge of the language. In fact, it doesn’t have any romaji (Japanese written with English characters). If you’re still at an early stage of learning, you'd be better off starting with iKana.

iKanji is a complete kanji study tool that makes kanji memorization and practice much easier.



iKanji 2.0.1

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